Waterbirth Workshop

Catered lunch included.

There are still a lot of questions about water birth. Is it safe? Is it sanitary? Why would humans, who are essentially land mammals, choose to give birth in the water? Isn’t water birth just a “crunchy” thing? Will only midwives attend a waterbirth or will doctors attend deliveries in the water too?

Doulas, nurses, and childbirth educators still have questions about birthing in the water too. How is the baby monitored? What if there’s an emergency? Can she labor in the pool if her water is broken? Will the Mom deliver the placenta in the water too? What’s the right temp for the water? How do we know which birth pool to choose? Can clients bring birth pools to the hospital? What position will the Mom deliver in? What if Dad wants to get in- is that safe? What do we need to know, what books should we be reading or websites should we be referring to, to give our clients the support they need and deserve?

Join one of our great local Perinatal matriarchs, Eileen Ryan, and I as we lunch-and-learn the many benefits and main reasons why modern women are choosing to give birth in the water.

All are welcome: expectant couples, grandmothers, nurses, Doulas, women who are done having babies but want to learn more about waterbirth, men— anyone. However, this workshop will be geared more towards professionals and we will focus much of our time learning about how to support women planning a waterbirth, specifically in a hospital setting.

$40 per participant

To register: info@nurturebirth.com

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