To the mother who is exhausted…

I remember not making eye contact with people while my kids were melting down and my baby was wailing and my shirt was showing wet spots from my engorged breasts bursting warm milk everywhere as my body’s way of saying, “Here! I’ve got breast milk! Somebody, quick, help her!”

But now I wish I would’ve allowed myself to lift my head, look up. Maybe everyone wasn’t cursing the moment I pulled up in line at target behind them. Maybe they were, like I am now, sending all the good love vibes to the new mother who is perpetually both exhausted and exalting all the beauty that is Mothering.

If you’re ever in need of someone to hold your baby while the world is closing in on you- me! Pick me. Or YOU hold your baby while I pack up your cart and follow you out to your car to help you unload it. You will be blessing my heart so much because I know what great hope our future is because of you and your children. And I remember what it’s like. And I don’t judge you, dear warrior mother. Only love here, dear one. 💞

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