Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Let Nurture Shape Your Doula Experience

Doula Apprenticeship Program

One of the many ways I can serve new doulas is by offering a Apprenticeship Program for new or experienced doulas. My goal is to help doulas to become quickly successful in the field while making certification as easy and affordable as possible. This is not only a benefit to the interns in the program, but to our whole perinatal community.

In any other field of women’s health, students work towards degree/certifications after spending several thousands of dollars and hours of education, including hands-on clinical skills. Unlike professionals such asa nurses, PTs, or medical school students, doulas are on their own to obtain this education and support, and it can be difficult to navigate the waters in knowing how to build your birth business from the ground up. There is where I can help you succeed.

  1. Assist doulas in the certification process or in developing their own business.
  2. Mentor doulas in training through their first experiences with clients prenatally, during labor and the postpartum period.
  3. Peer review for doulas in training in order to facilitate learning from their experiences and improving the care of the pregnant, birthing and postpartum woman.
  4. In-service training and advanced doula workshop opportunities for all doulas to continue educating themselves beyond the initial doula training workshop.
  • Continuing Education Workshops: Topical workshops are taught on a needs basis by the program director or other experienced members of the network or community.
  • Back-Up: Program assists with back-up arrangements for Apprenticeship Program participants.
  • Referrals: Nurture, LLC and Erica Manto Konya will put your name on a referral list for new clients.
  • Client Specific Information: including VBAC, Pre-eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, etc.
  • Bi-Monthly Meetings: Nurture, LLC provides a different topic of birth related interest in order to expand our interests and keep us up to date on local birth trends.
  • All participants in the Apprenticeship Program are permitted to state their affiliation with Nurture, LLC.
  • Mentoring: Each doula wishing to enter the Apprenticeship Program will read and sign the Terms and Agreement from
  • Birth Opportunities: All doula certifying organizations require you to attend and document a certain number of births as the primary doula. Nurture, LLC can provide opportunities for new doulas to attend births through volunteer and paid opportunities.
  • Be enrolled in a doula certification program & be seriously pursuing certification or experience.
  • Sign the Terms and Agreement Form.
  • Have internet access.

Learn from The Best

Erica Manto Konya

Erica Manto Konya

Certified Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Faculty member at CAPPA

My philosophy on birth and mothering is that women who surround themselves with caring, trusted supporters become mothers who are excited and transformed by their amazing journey. Your spouse or partner will never be left out but will be respected and valued for the integral role they play at birth.

Lisa Suttschenko

Lisa Suttschenko

Labor Doula and Certified Family Life Coach with Simplicity Parenting

My Philosophy on birth is this: I believe in you. There are so many ways to give birth. So many decisions to make.. I will help you to unfold your birth desires and will offer my experience to help you feel calm and confident. My goal is that when I leave you, you look back on your birthing experience with a sense of joy and empowerment.


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