Advanced Doula Workshops

Workshops for 2017

August 27

Advanced Water Birth Training

You will learn the skills needed as a doula when a mom wants:

  • Water birth
  • Home birth

September 24

Common Pregnancy Risks

You will learn about common pregnancy risks that you may face as a doula. Some examples of these risks are:

  • VBAC
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Preeclampsia

October 29

Birth With Ease Hypnobirthing Workshop

This workshop will teach you everything you need as a doula to assist a family wanting a Hypnobirthing experience. This session includes credentialing through Hypnobirthing Cincinnati!

Doula Dinners

French obstetrician, Michele Odent, noted that oxytocin is released amongst friends sharing a meal together. With this in mind, we have created this rotating, 4-week small group series is for anyone who is looking to connect with other professionals and gain in-depth information on topics such as:

  • Self Care and Community Connectedness
  • Working with Trauma Survivors (including traumatic births and sexual abuse)
  • Peer Review and Birth Processing
  • Dinner is included!

Note: To maintain a safe and trusted environment, the group will close after the first week and no new registrants taken for that series.

Two upcoming series options:

  1. First series starts June 5
  2. Second Series starts October 9

Workshop Registration Details

  • Duration: All workshops will be one day*
  • Time: Workshops will take place on specified Sundays from 2-6 pm
  • Location: West Chester, OH
  • Attendance: You can choose to attend one or multiple workshops

After Each Workshop

  • We will be offer a free Birth Movie Social Night and enjoy dinner and a birth movie together.
  • This will be a fun way for us to socialize and get to know each other better!
  • Overnight accommodations are available for out of town participants in the homes of some of our local doulas—so please try to attend even if you aren’t local.
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