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Nurture provides birth and postpartum doula services, as well as, classes for parents preparing for the birth of a child.

For Professionals

Nuture provides training and certification opportunities to anyone passionate about a career as a doula.


Erica Manto-Paulson, BFA, CLD, CCCE (CAPPA)



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Best Doulas in Cincinnati 2017


As a perinatal professional, my philosophy is that giving birth is a normal physiologic event in a woman’s life. Research has proven the benefits of professional labor support, and I believe everyone should have access to a doula during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. As a doula, I am very committed to helping women achieve a positive, informed, and powerful birth and parenting experience. As a faculty member for CAPPA and a doula trainer, I am committed to supporting trainees in accomplishing their goals and succeeding in their careers. I am also a mother to seven amazing children- four who came “through” me and three who came “to” me. They are amongst the greatest sources of inspiration in my life.  My first birth was a cesarean followed by three VBAC babies—my fourth being a HBAC (homebirth/waterbirth). From having personally experienced birth as low- to high-risk, premature to overdue, cesarean to natural, and hospital to homebirth, I know how important it is to have the right kind of support and access to unbiased advice and personalized assistance when having a baby.

My Philosophy on Birth

Birth is not just about making babies…

My philosophy on birth and mothering is that women who surround themselves with caring, trusted supporters become mothers who are excited and transformed by their amazing journey. To learn more about my experiences as a doula read about my services available to parents. Your spouse or partner will never be left out but will be respected and valued for the integral role they play at birth.

What People are Saying

You were such an incredible help. You have no idea how much your encouragement really helped me relax and find the strength in myself. Thank you so much. You truly are incredible at what you do.

EmilyMom of Twins

We wanted to say THANK YOU again! With all your great help it was an amazing experience. Your knowledge, intuition, support, massage, suggestions for what to do during labor, support for my husband so that he could confidently and comfortably be there for me… I could go on and on. I hope you know how much this whole experience and you mean to us!

AmandaFirst-time Mom

I could never thank you enough for everything you did for us. I forgot to tell you that you did so much counter pressure on my back that when I went to bed that night, I could still feel your hands on my back. It was like that feeling after you’ve spent the entire day at the ocean and you still feel the rock of the waves when you lay down. You do have a 6th sense when it comes to labor and birth. We keep saying again and again how glad we are that we hired you.

DianaMom of Two

I really do thank you for being an angel. I don’t think I would have made it right now if I did not have you and your immense knowledge and support to help me stay positive and understand what’s going on with my body.

AriannaVBAC Mom

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